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Central Elementary School Bulletin for Saturday, January 23, 2021

Central Contact Information Phone: 402-729-2418 Email: sengelman@fairburyjeffs.org If your student is not going to be in school, please contact the office with one of these options. State the student’s name and the reason for the absence.

Sports Events Expectations In years past, youth support for Fairbury High School home fall events - football and volleyball has been tremendous! In fact, since opening the sports complex, the attendance at our events has exceeded most expectations. We wish to create an environment in which families with children of all ages may enjoy the game. We also want to insure the safety of all guests, including our community’s youth. As such, families are reminded of the following expectations and guidelines for youth attending home fall events: All students below the 7th grade are required to be accompanied by a paying parent or responsible adult in order to attend any home games. Please be advised that adults are responsible for the school-age guest(s) accompanying them to the game as well as their own children. Students who are not accompanied by a responsible adult will not be allowed to attend or remain at home contests. Jefferson Intermediate students are required to sit either with their parents. Central Elementary students are required to sit either with their parents, older siblings or with the parent of a friend. Jr-Sr High School students are encouraged to sit in the student section located in the front south corner of the complex.’ Any horseplay, tag, or “pick up” football games inside the sports complex are not allowed. The safest place for youth is always inside the athletic complex. Failure to follow these guidelines or loitering by students may result in removal from the stadium and at a minimum, students will not be allowed to attend any further home high school games for this season. As always, student safety at all Jr and Sr High events is of prime importance. These measures will more effectively ensure the enjoyment of all persons attending varsity football events hosted by Fairbury Jr-Sr High School.

Early Dismissal There is a change in the schedule from now through the end of the year, EVERY Friday will be early dismissal at 1:40pm.

Instructional Hoops Basketball Clinic Instructional Hoops Basketball Clinic for boys and girls is scheduled for January 24, January 31, February 14, and February 21. Kindergarten is 6:00-6:30p and 1st and 2nd is 6:30 to 7:15p at the high school. If you have not filled out a form yet and want to join you may come to the first clinic date and fill out the form. Instructional Hoops Basketball Clinic

Valentines Cookies Cookies for sale! FCCLA is selling cookies again this year for your favorite valentines. Please return the order form and your money. The last day we will take order is the 5th of February.

Arrival and Dismissal Times for Central School doors open at 7:45 to all students. The tardy bell will ring at 8:05. Dismissal for all students is 3:15pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday, dismissal is at 1:40pm. Preschool starts promptly at 7:45am and ends at 11:15am. Afternoon preschool starts at 11:45am and ends at 3:15pm. Preschool is Monday thru Thursday.

January Menus Breakfast Step Ahead Breakfast Central Lunch Central

Save-A-Label We have an opportunity to raise money for our school by saving labels. Please send your Best Choice labels from items bought at Ray’s Apple Market. Not only will you save money on your grocery bill, but your school can also earn money by turning them in. Thank you!!

Birthday Treats, Snacks and Drinks in School In consideration of instructional time, equity and safety for students with severe, life-threatening food allergies and in alignment with our district's health and wellness policy, birthday treats, snacks and drinks (other than water) may not be brought from home to be shared or distributed at school. Teachers and school staff may provide non-food and non-drink incentives and rewards in classrooms at their discretion. The Principal's Office will provide recognition of each student’s birthday celebration, as appropriate. Teachers may also choose to recognize students’ birthdays in accordance with this policy. The two annual PTA-sponsored parties held at school (Halloween and Valentine’s Day)are an exception to this policy and with careful consideration given to all potential food allergies. Any other food, snacks or drinks provided at school, outside of the daily school meals program, must have prior approval by the Principal. Delivery of gifts/balloons to students during the school day is not encouraged. However, students will be notified of deliveries at the end of the school day and are not permitted to transport balloons on district buses or other school vehicles.

Dates to Remember Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm January 15 PTA meeting - all parents welcome, childcare provided January 18 Fairbury Food Market @ 6pm January 21 Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm January 22 Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm January 29 Valentine Party February 11 No school February 12 2nd grade program @ 6pm February 18

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