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Central Elementary School Bulletin for Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sports Events Expectations Continuing support for Fairbury High School athletic events and activities has been tremendous! Our future Jeffs - all elementary students and their families - are an important part of the FHS fanbase. We wish to create an environment in which families with children of all ages may enjoy and will support our teams during this winter season’s home basketball games. To ensure the safety of our guests in a positive environment, we are continuing to implement and enforce the following guidelines: All students below the 7th grade are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult (family member, family friend, etc., non-school age) in order to attend home Varsity basketball games. Parents/responsible adults are welcome to bring additional students who would be under their supervision. Please be advised that you are responsible for the school age guest(s) accompanying you to the game as well as your own children. Students not accompanied by parent(s) or a responsible adult will not be allowed to remain at home contests. Central Elementary and Jefferson Intermediate students are required to either (1) sit with their parent/responsible adult in the bleachers during the game or (2) sit in the bleachers located in the northwest section of the gymnasium designated for elementary students. Any type of play, tag, running, etc. inside the High School (Commons, hallways, etc.) is not allowed. Movement to/from concessions, restrooms, etc. during the games is certainly permissible; however, students should not loiter or remain in the Commons area for an extended period of time. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in dismissal from the high school building and may lead to attendance restrictions for future high school basketball games for this season. As always, student safety at all FHS events is of prime importance. These measures will more effectively ensure the enjoyment of all persons attending varsity basketball events hosted by FHS.

Arrival and Dismissal Times for Central School doors open at 7:45 to all students. The tardy bell will ring at 8:05. Dismissal for all students is 3:15pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday, we dismiss at 1:40pm.

Attendance Awareness Here are a few facts about why school attendance matters: Kindergarten and First Grade students who are chronically absent have an 81% percent chance of reading BELOW grade level. Students who cannot read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school. By Fourth Grade, chronically absent students score an average of 12 points lower on the National Assessment of Education Progress. By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school. When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating. We want every student to be successful in school. That's why it's important to be here. Every day. All the way.

Central Elementary Weekly Communication Teachers will send classroom papers and other important information home weekly using the “Thursday Folder.” Please sign and return the folder to school with your child each week. The Central Elementary Weekly Newsletter will be available online to parents as well as a copy sent home with the oldest child in the family. The weekly newsletter can be found on the Fairbury Public Schools Website: http://www.fairburyjeffs.org/ • Click on Schools • Click on Central School • Click on the Central Daily Bulletin Note – Weekly Newsletters will also be available through your email. Please make every effort to keep your email address up to date through your Power School Parent Account. Thanks in advance!

After Hour Kid Power After Hour Kid Power is an after school program for 2nd graders held at Central Elementary Mondays through Thursdays from 3:15-5:30! Please contact Miss Lassek or Miss Meyer for more details! We will NOT meet December 11 and 12th!

Birthday Treats, Snacks and Drinks in School In consideration of instructional time, equity and safety for students with severe, life-threatening food allergies and in alignment with our district's health and wellness policy, birthday treats, snacks and drinks (other than water) may not be brought from home to be shared or distributed at school. Teachers and school staff may provide non-food and non-drink incentives and rewards in classrooms at their discretion. The Principal's Office will provide recognition of each student’s birthday celebration, as appropriate. Teachers may also choose to recognize students’ birthdays in accordance with this policy. The two annual PTA-sponsored parties held at school (Halloween and Valentine’s Day) may include traditional food, snack and drink offerings as an exception to this policy and with careful consideration given to all potential food allergies. Any other food, snacks or drinks provided at school, outside of the daily school meals program, must have prior approval by the Principal. Delivery of gifts/balloons to students during the school day is not encouraged. However, students will be notified of deliveries at the end of the school day and are not permitted to transport balloons on district buses or other school vehicles.

BackPacks with Back To School Supplies We have several backpacks with Back to School supplies in them that were donated. Please contact the school office (402-729-2418) if you would like your child to pick out a backpack. Thanks!

Box Tops for Education It is once again time to start sending your “Box Tops for Education” to school. Hopefully, your family has been saving all summer long! Each year our schools have received several hundreds of dollars through your support of benefit efforts, such as this. Please make sure to cut off the “Box Tops for Education” label and not the Betty Crocker catalog points. You may simply send these items to school with your child as you collect them. Thank you for your continued involvement and support.

Notice to Parents and Visitors Parents/guardians and patrons of the school district are invited and encouraged to visit the school and classrooms. Visitors who wish to confer with a teacher or staff member are asked to arrange for an appointment at a time outside regular class hours. To help ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff, all entrance/exit doors at Central Elementary School remain locked at all times, including during regular school/business hours. All visitors to Central Elementary School are expected to use the WEST entrance. Since all doors except the outside doors on the west side remain locked, visitors must enter the outside doors and push the call button to enter the office. Please do not park on the west side as that is our bus route. You may park in the parking lot by the church on the north or south sides. Upon entry, all visitors must continue to report to the Principal’s Office where an online sign-in form is available and visitor badges will be provided. Classroom visits should be limited to a reasonable duration of time as to avoid distraction or disruption of routine. Parents/guardians taking students out of school early for appointments, etc., must report to the office and wait for their child to meet them there. Parents and family members are also asked to wait outside of the school building at dismissal time to help alleviate congestion in the hallways. To best assist students and staff during significant school transitions, families are asked to avoid classroom visitations during the first two weeks of the school year, as well as during the last two weeks prior to summer break.

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