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Jefferson Intermediate Bulletin for Monday, August 21, 2017

Jefferson Intermediate 2017-18 School Supply List 3rd Grade 1 large book bag Ear Buds for Chromebook that fit in ear canal #2 pencils (at least 12) replenish as needed Colored pencils 2 glue sticks-replenish as needed Small bottle of Elmer’s glue Small pencil box or bag Large soft erasers & pencil erasers Markers 2 boxes of Kleenex Clorox Wipes Box of Crayons 4 ½ - 5” sharp point scissors 12” ruler (metric included) 4th Grade 1 large book bag Ear Buds for Chromebook #2 pencils (at least 12) replenish as needed Colored pencils 2 glue sticks-replenish as needed Small bottle of Elmer’s glue 1 zipper pencil bag (no cases/boxes) Large soft erasers & pencil erasers Markers Box of crayons 4 single subject notebooks 3 Highlighters 2 boxes of Kleenex Clorox Wipes Small Pkg of Black Sharpies 5th Grade 1 large book bag Ear buds for Chromebook #2 pencils (at least 12) replenish as needed Colored pencils 2 glue sticks-replenish as needed Small bottle of Elmer’s glue Clorox Wipes Large soft erasers & pencil erasers Markers Box of Crayons 2 pocket folders 2 Expo Markers 3 single subject notebooks 2 boxes of Kleenex 6th Grade 12’’ ruler (metric included) 2 boxes of Kleenex Clorox Wipes 1 large book bag Ear Buds for Chromebook #2 pencils (at least 12) replenish as needed Colored pencils 2 glue sticks-replenish as needed Small bottle of Elmer’s glue Large soft erasers & pencil erasers Markers Box of crayons 3 single subject notebooks 2 pocket folder

E-Registration Instructions Fairbury Public Schools is requiring all parents to complete E-Registration. E-Registration is an online tool linked to PowerSchool. E-Registration will be used to update student demographic information, viewing and approving student handbooks, medical emergency information, and electronic permissions. In order to start the process parents must have a PowerSchool Parent Account. Parents have the ability to link multiple student accounts together and access the account via one login and password. Single Sign On for PowerSchool Parent Account PowerSchool has a login system called Single Sign On (SSO). SSO gives parents quicker and more convenient access to PowerSchool data. SSO allows parents and guardians to set up their own individual login credentials and, for those with multiple students in the district, access to all their students' information with a single login. In addition, SSO allows users to retrieve forgotten login and password information themselves rather than requiring a call to school. PowerSchool has also released PowerSchool iOS and Android apps for mobile users. Use of the mobile apps requires that SSO be in use. Once SSO has been turned on, the Mobile Apps will become usable. The district code for the mobile app is DFKC. To Create SSO Parent Account: Go To : http://www.fairburyjeffs.org/ At the top of the page under “Parents” click on “PowerSchool”. 3. This will take you to the “Student and Parent Sign In” page. Click on the “Sign In” tab if you already have a Powerschool Parent Account or “Create Account” tab to create a new account. 4. Then click on the blue “Create Account” button. 5. The “Create a Parent Account” page will appear. Please fill in the boxes as required. When you have filled in all the information correctly, please click the blue “Enter” button at the bottom of the page. 6. You will then be asked to log in with the username and password you just created. It will then take you into your Parent Account for your child. Here you can check your child’s grades/attendance, the school's daily bulletin, lunch account information, etc… 7. Scroll down and on the left hand side of the screen click on “E-Registration”. (This will not be visible on the mobile app, you must use an internet browser.) 8. You will then see the E-Registration for your child, you must complete each tab and be sure to hit the “Save” button on the bottom of each page to move onto the next tab. You will have to get through all the tabs to be considered complete. 9. If you have more than one child, their names will appear at the top of the screen under the “PowerSchool” logo, they will each have their own tab.

Back to School Letter from Mr. Christiansen Dear Jefferson Intermediate Students and Families, Welcome to the start of an exciting school year at Jefferson Intermediate School! I trust you have had an event-filled summer break and are getting ready for the new school year to get started. All of the teachers and staff members will soon be preparing our school and classrooms for the start of the new school year. The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 16th for all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Please note that this first day is an early dismissal day with students at Jefferson Intermediate dismissing at 1:25 pm. As your principal at Jefferson Intermediate School, I look forward to working closely with you and our faculty to create a school that promotes learning and leading. I strive to make all decisions with our students and families in mind. In our school, we set high expectations for academic excellence, trust, respect, community involvement, excellent communication, and recognition of both student and staff achievement. I am fully committed to developing and implementing this shared vision. I feel honored to serve as your leader and will do my best to see that you are successful this year! You and your family members are invited to attend Jefferson Intermediate’s annual WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on Tuesday, August 15th anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. This is the best opportunity for you and your family to visit your new classroom and to meet your new teacher. For families’ convenience, cafeteria staff will be available at this time to process meal account deposits. Representatives from the Fairbury PTA will also be available to collect your Summer Reading Logs and to share planned programs and activities, volunteer opportunities and membership details. We also offer a special opportunity for students new to our community and school (grades 3-6), as well as all 3rd grade students and their families. If you will be in 3rd grade or are new to our school, please plan to attend a New Student Orientation session in the Jefferson cafeteria on Tuesday, August 15th at 4:15 pm, immediately preceding our Back to School Night event. I encourage you and your families to join us for introductions and excitement as we celebrate the start of another spectacular school year! Your Principal, Mr. Jeremy Christiansen

School Lunch Note Dear Parents: It's back to school time and time to think about breakfast and lunch for your child at school. With the hustle and bustle of trying to get the children off to school, why not encourage your child to eat breakfast and/or lunch at school. One less thing to worry about in the morning. Our nutrition staff works hard to give our students a variety of choices to appeal to even the pickiest eaters. School meals are affordably priced. Lunch prices are $2.70 for all preschool through sixth grade students, a great price for an entree made with low fat protein, whole grains, a self-serve fruit/vegetable bar and milk. Breakfast prices are $1.75 for K-6 students and $2.70 for Preschool students which include low fat protein, whole grains, fruit, 100% juice and milk. Students may return to the fruit/vegetable bar for seconds if they wish. Extra milk is available for purchase at .50 cents. Student meal account balances are now available through your PowerSchool account. Account payments may be made by cash or check at any school or online through the “e-funds for school” link on the fairburyjeffs.org website. Fees are charged for online payments. My staff and I are working hard to give your children healthy choices to learn to make good nutrition choices for life. If you have any questions or concerns of any kind, please contact me at 729–6119 or e-mail at jrhine(a)fairburyjeffs.org. Thank you Jane Rhine Food Service Supervisor

Solar Eclipse News Dear Parents and Guardians, On August 21, 2017, parts of Nebraska will be in the path of a total solar eclipse. This is the first time since 1918 a solar eclipse will be visible on a path across the entire continental United States, and the event presents an exciting learning opportunity for our students. We plan to incorporate the eclipse into our curriculum, activities, and events of your child’s day. On Monday, August 21st, all K-12 students will be participating in a series of solar eclipse themed activities located at the Fairbury Jr/Sr High School complex. During this period of time (approximately 10:00am - 2:00pm), students will be mostly outdoors. Sunscreen and water bottles will be provided for all students through the generous support of Jefferson Community Health & Life and First National Bank of Fairbury. Students are encouraged to dress for the weather and are permitted and encouraged to wear a school appropriate hat. Our school lunch on this day has been planned to include fresh, local 100% beef hamburgers. Due to the logistics of feeding over 1000 students, staff and volunteers, all students are expected and should plan to eat this day’s school lunch. While this is an excellent learning opportunity for our students, we want to notify you of some risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse. It is only safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye when the moon completely covers the disk of the sun. At any other time it is not safe to view the eclipse without the proper precautionary measures. Failure to adhere to proper precautionary measures could result in permanent ocular damage and vision loss. For more information, here is a link to an explanation released by NASA: https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEhelp/safety2.html. As always, your child’s safety is a top priority for our school. In order to reduce the risk associated with viewing the eclipse, we have taken some precautionary measures. We purchased eclipse-safe viewing glasses, and students will be required to use these to view the eclipse safely. Students will be discouraged from looking at the eclipse during its partial stages when risk of ocular damage is at its greatest. Teachers will also provide a safety lesson and instructions to students. However, despite these measures we cannot eliminate all risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse of this magnitude. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the specific activities and procedures for the eclipse that will be incorporated into your child’s school day, please contact your child’s teacher or a school administrator for more details. Parents and guardians who do not feel comfortable allowing their children to take part in viewing the eclipse will be permitted to withhold their child from all or part of school that day, and we will excuse those absences on your child’s record. We will also provide a means to allow your child to make up any missed instructional time and classwork if they are absent for some or all of that day. If your child attends school that day, he or she will be included in the eclipse viewing activities we have planned. Fairbury Public Schools is excited to offer this fun cooperative learning opportunity to students for this rare event!

School Pictures-Aug. 22 School pictures will be taken Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Martin Photography will be taking our students’ pictures on Tuesday, August 22nd. Flyers with picture information will be sent home with your child(ren) at a later date. School picture orders are required to be pre-paid and students’ families will be asked to send the money for their pictures by picture day, Tuesday, August 22nd. All picture packages will be delivered to school and then sent home with individual students. All students will be photographed for inclusion in the annual yearbook. There is no obligation to purchase school pictures. District families having preschool-age children at home may also take advantage of this photo opportunity Tuesday, August 22nd at Central Elementary School (time will be announced at a later date).

Mid States School Bus Information Transportation is provided to and from school for students living outside of the Fairbury city limits. For information about bus transportation eligibility, bus routes and stops, as well as schedules, please contact Roger Bailey, Mid States Bus Service (402-729-2705). Be prepared to provide your children’s name(s), address and proposed plans for their arrival/departure at school.

NO pick up of children in Pinecrest Parking Lot Friendly reminder from Pinecrest Apartments. Please do not pick up your children in the north parking lot. This is for tenant use only. Thanks you.

Extra Yearbooks for Sell The Fairbury PTA has Extra Yearbooks for sell. If you would like an extra please contact Lindy Wood at lwood432@gmail.com or 4025870271

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